Rose Types and all about roses are some of the facts covered here.

You will learn about: What rose type you should give and what rose color you would like to receive.

Information as to:

  • Symbolic meanings
  • Meaning of different color roses
  • Combination of roses
  • Color of roses
  • Rose color meanings
  • Rose number meaning
  • Rose types
  • Rose facts
  • Care of roses
  • Care of cut roses
  • Rose names
  • Growing roses
  • Roses in containers
  • Keeping roses fresh and wilting roses
  • How to help keep your rose’s disease and problem free
  • How to dry your roses
  • How to use roses as great gift ideas

You learn all there is to know about roses. After reading the contents you should be ready to go out into your garden and begin preparing your soil for their lovely addition. There are sections dealing with how to plant your roses, caring for your roses such as fertilizing and pruning. The rose has always been valued for its beauty and has a long history ofsymbolism. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddesses of love referred to as Aphrodite and Venus. In Rome a wild rose would be placed on the door of a room where secret or confidential matters were discussed. The phrase Sub Rosa, or “under the rose”, means to keep a secret – derived from this Roman ancient practice.

Roses are probably the post popular and desired garden plants around. They are pleasantly fragrant and often considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers available. However, if you’ve decided to plant roses in your garden, you’ve probably already discovered that there are many more varieties than most people imagine. With the help here, your local gardening center and florist you are on your way to learning about rose types and all about roses.